John McCabe
by John McCabe
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OMG, its like being a kid again…

David Braben is back with in stunning form with the release of the Elite Dangerous Beta which I’ve been playing like a grinning fool on my Oculus Rift. I can’t begin to describe how awesome it feels to play one of my favourite childhood games with bang up to date virtual reality (well it’ll be bang up to date when my DK2 arrives.. any day now). The thrill of dropping out of hyperspace in a new solar system, navigating to the nearest space station, outrunning a pirate (a human player!!) and then to have the docking involve flying into the space station and manually land at a docking bay.. well I just can’t contain my glee.

After playing it briefly when the beta was released, the abiding memory I have is of the ear to ear grin on my face as I pulled off the headset and realised that what I’d wished existed as a kid was finally reality (well virtual anyway).